VIRAL! Gov. Scott’s Sign Language Interpreter Puts on a WILD Show!

Hurricane Irma has picked up speed and power, and is now expected to make landfall in Florida within hours, with massive damages and potentially lethal consequences.

The government officials in Florida certainly have their work cut out for them, and have been working tirelessly for days to evacuate and prepare as many people as they can.

During a recent press conference on Hurricane Irma, Florida Governor Rick Scott made sure to stress how dangerous the situation was, and how important it was to listen to the warnings and leave if ordered to evacuate.

To reach the deaf community, Governor Scott hired a sign language interpreter, and this guy made sure to keep the audience engaged with his “animated” facial expressions!

Sign language interpreters have to be engaging and clear with their message, which probably explains this guy’s enthusiasm a bit.

Not that anyone is trying to make light of such a serious situation, but you have to admit, the interpreter’s expressions were amusing to say the least.

It’s doubtful that anyone watching him was unable to get the message, so his animated delivery may have just saved some lives.

Watch the video:


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