VIRAL! Black Trump Supporter Goes on EPIC Rant Outside Maxine Waters’ Office

Maxine Waters has one thing on her mind, and it’s certainly not the people she’s supposed to be representing.

Instead, Waters is completely focused on President Trump, specifically, with impeaching him, and those in the community she’s responsible for helping are left suffering because of it.

In actuality, Waters doesn’t even live in the community she claims to represent, instead she lives outside the district in a multimillion dollar mansion, and spends her time appearing on liberal talk shows to whine about “impeaching 45!”

It’s no surprise that she’s not exactly the most popular person among Trump supporters, given her obsession with impeaching or overthrowing our president, and recently, she’s been getting called out more and more.

Chanell Temple, of California, is a Trump supporter who is black, and has seen firsthand the damage done to the black community by Maxine Waters and her fellow Democrats’ open borders policy and lax views on illegal immigration.

Temple was so fed up with Waters that she tried to set up an appointment for a meeting to voice her displeasure.

In typical establishment elite fashion, Waters declined to meet with her, because elite Democrat politicians are too “busy” to meet with average Americans.

Instead, Temple visited Waters’ office, where she went on an epic rant.

“She needs to resign, or we need to get a special election,” said Temple, adding, “We want her out, she’s not representing her constituents.”

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