Teachers Avoid Teaching 9/11 So Islamic Students Won’t Get ‘Offended’

Today marks the 16th anniversary of the most tragic event in American history.

It’s a day Americans will never forget, and the next generation needs to be taught the details so it will always live in infamy.

Sadly, teachers in England are scared to cover the subject as it may “offend” Islamic students and their parents.

This comes after several prominent Islamic migrants to England have promised that the U.K. will face their own 9/11 one day, and unless people stop being afraid of being politically incorrect, that may very likely happen.

From The Telegraph

Some teachers are too scared to discuss 9/11 with their pupils as they fear a backlash from Muslim parents, a leading expert in counter-extremism education has warned.

Kamal Hanif OBE, who was appointed by the Government to turn around three schools at the heart of the “Trojan Horse” scandal, said that some teachers have a “misplaced” concern that they will cause offense if they raise 9/11 in the classroom.

He said that some teachers – particularly those who work in schools with a high proportion of Muslim students –  see it as a contentious topic and shy away from teaching it.

“Teachers sometimes have a fear that this might be controversial,” he said.

“[They think] if we teach about this we might get Muslim parents objecting.”

Mr Hanif, who is executive principal of Waverley Education Foundation and has advised the Department for Education (DfE) on combating counter-extremism in schools, said that such views are misguided.

“There is a fear [among teachers] but it is not really grounded in anything,” he said.

“It is based on their stereotypical view of a community as opposed to the reality. It is very misplaced. It is an assumption.”

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