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Stunning Aerial Footage Shows North Korea’s Capital Completely Deserted

Something strange seems to be happening in North Korea, and it’s occurred shortly after the recent test of a hydrogen bomb by the rouge nation.

New footage from Singaporean pilot Aram Pan, who has been flying over North Korea for a project, has revealed something very strange.

Normally, North Korea’s capital city, Pyongyang, is full of activity, with over three million people going about their day-to-day lives.

Now, however, according to the latest footage from Pan’s aerial surveillance, the city appears to be completely deserted.

Both urban and rural areas showed no signs of human activity anywhere, as if everyone mysteriously vanished.

Apparently, this could be due to a possible mandatory evacuation, which is not the first time North Korea has ordered the citizens of Pyongyang to seek shelter.

In April, Russian and South Korean media reported that a large portion of Pyongyang had been evacuated, which had many speculating if the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, was planning to launch nuclear weapons at United States territories.

Most likely, this is yet another drill, something that is a fairly regular occurrence in North Korea, but it’s extremely odd seeing such a large capital city completely evacuated, and this footage proves to be a rarity captured on film.

From NYPost

Is anybody home, Pyongyang?

The North Korean capital looks positively post-apocalyptic in aerial footage that emerged this week.

Aram Pan, 41, a Singaporean pilot, took the video for a project called DPRK360, meant to show the hermit kingdom “from a different perspective.”

Despite being the largest city in North Korea, with a population of about 2.58 million, Pyongyang appears to be deserted.

The footage has emerged as global tensions continue to rise amid diminutive despot Kim Jong Un’s nuclear tests.

On Sunday, the rogue regime detonated what it said was a hydrogen bomb — the country’s sixth and most powerful blast, which triggered a 6.3-magnitude earthquake.

In April, Russian news outlet Pravda Report claimed Kim had ordered the evacuation of Pyongyang, the UK’s Express reported.

Over 600,000 residents were evacuated as tensions flared between the US and the hermit nation.