Pathetic Hillary Now Blaming the MEDIA for Not Being Biased Enough for Her

Here we go again. We already know Hillary has been blaming “fake news” for her loss.

Now she’s decided to blame “mainstream news” as well.

Yup, even though they were 100% in the tank for her, that is not enough for the forever pathetic and bitter sore loser.

From WashingtonExaminer

Hillary Clinton blames the majority of the media for not doing “their job” during the 2016 campaign, which culminated in an election contest which she lost to Donald Trump and is now revisiting during a book tour that kicks off this week.

Sitting down with Vox’s Ezra Klein, Clinton lamented the “big move” coming from the Right” for “disastrous,” “radical, pull em up by the roots change,” including a push for a new constitutional convention.

She suggested that the Right has an unfair stranglehold on the media.

“We don’t control the media environment the same way the right does, it’s harder for our message to get out,” she said.

Though she spoke about how she favors “change,” Clinton explained that it needs to be the right kind.

Asked about how being so realistic could hamstring her from being able to inspire people, Clinton said that was a fair point, but then unloaded her ire at the media.

“I don’t think the press did their job in this election, with very few exceptions,” she said. “So the hard questions about what was real and what was realistic and what could happen with the right kind of election outcome were never really joined. And so I found it frustrating, obviously, because I think I could have defended and lifted up a lot of what I believed we could do.”

Clinton went on to say that it was tough to get her policy message out when Trump offered “good TV.”

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