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Liberals on ‘The View’ Believe Al Gore’s Movie is Proof of Climate Change

One very true observation about most liberals is, despite the fact that they’re often times “well educated,” they’re extremely “low-info” as well.

It has a lot to do with the mentality of the left, specifically their need for “safe spaces,” free of any contrasting points of view, which has created an echo chamber for them.

Liberals are not known for fact checking anything, and will embrace and promote ideas that suit their “feelings,” rather than empirical data or truth.

To make matters worse, they tend to believe anything they hear from the liberal media and Hollywood, and will parrot back regurgitated (and false) information without question.

Liberals like to get their “information” from people like Bill Nye, Al Gore, Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert, and the ladies on “The View,” which explains a lot about their general lack of knowledge on virtually any subject.

“The View,” has promoted Al Gore’s new movie and his ridiculous beliefs, claiming that Gore’s new film is irrefutable proof of the existence of “climate change.”

Sunny Hostin, a liberal co-host of the “The View,” recently stated “I hope people go out and look at it because it’s been his life’s work, and I believe him,” in regards to Al Gore’s sequel film, which has been thoroughly debunked by real scientists and climatologists.

This is another example of “the blind leading the blind” when it comes to liberals: low-info liberal celebrities are influencing their viewers, who believe the garbage they’re passing off as truth.