Kid Rock Mocks ‘IDIOT’ Reporter For Falling for a FAKE Kid Rock Twitter Account

Kid Rock is not taking any garbage from the lying liberal media.

As a matter of fact, he’s letting them have it with both barrels.

One reporter, in particular, got the wrath of Kid Rock, when she published a story using a FAKE “Kid Rock” Twitter account as her proof of his actions.

Kid Rock, who is rumored to be making a Senate run, called the woman an “idiot.”

That’s an understatement, especially from Kid Rock, who is known for not mincing words.

The fake news media has proven to be so incompetent, they can’t even bother to make sure the sources they cite are legitimate.

From Daily Caller

Kid Rock ripped an “idiot” reporter at the New York Post on Monday for getting fooled by a Twitter user impersonating Rock.

New York Post reporter Linda Massarella published a story Sunday night titled “Kid Rock gloats over Sharpton kid’s bust” that claimed Rock “was gloating Sunday over the arrest of the reverend’s daughter.” The story was based off a single tweet from a phony Twitter account impersonating Rock, who has flirted with the idea of running for Senate in 2018. The tweet mocked Sharpton’s daughter, who allegedly attacked a cab driver over the weekend.

“The idiot that posted it is such a bad reporter that he/she did not even check to see if this was my Twitter (which it is NOT!) – of course the press will report on everything else I have said here except this fake news,” Rock wrote in a long, profane Facebook post.

“Unreal. (and these are the types of stories that can not be taken back in this day and age because they go viral so quickly and the damage is done before the corrections can be made.)”

Both Sharpton and the Post appeared to have been fooled by the fake Twitter account. “Why is he retweeting this stuff?” Sharpton asked the Post, claiming that Rock “added fuel to the fire.”

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