Kid Rock Brilliantly Gets Revenge on Liberal Newspaper Who Attacked Him

Kid Rock brilliantly got revenge on a liberal Detroit newspaper who smeared him.

He REFUSED to give them press and photo credentials for his concert.


From Freep

The Detroit Free Press is being denied press and photo credentials for tonight’s Kid Rock concert — the grand opening of the taxpayer-subsidized Little Caesars Arena — due to the performer’s unhappiness with a newspaper column critical of the musician.

The decision, which was shared with the Detroit Free Press by Kid Rock’s publicist, Kirt Webster, was made Monday afternoon and is a response to a column written by Free Press Editorial Page Editor Stephen Henderson that was critical of the decision to open the stadium with the controversial artist.

“You guys wrote a f****ed up story and allowed it to be published. You want a quote, there it is,” Webster told the Free Press in a phone call this morning.

The newspaper routinely buys tickets to concerts, but the request for credentials allows reporters to bring in equipment necessary to file stories, such as laptops or cameras.

On Sunday, Sept. 3, Henderson published a column in which he called the decision to have Kid Rock open the arena a “middle finger to Detroiters.”

“This is a musician who got rich off crass cultural appropriation of black music, who used to wrap his brand in the Confederate flag — a symbol inextricably linked to racism, no matter what its defenders say — and who has repeatedly issued profane denouncements of the very idea of African Americans pushing back against American inequality,” Henderson wrote, noting that his argument had nothing to do whether or not Kid Rock’s music was “good” but rather the culture he represents — or what people, right or wrong, perceive him to represent.

While the article was an opinion piece and published as such, Webster said this was enough to bar the Free Press’ news reporters from covering the historic opening.

“Jeff Taylor approved it and it was f***ed up,” Webster continued, nodding to the fact that he heard that the column was approved by a regional editor who oversees the newspaper. “To be published without doing any fact checking on what Kid Rock has done for the city of Detroit? We don’t condone bad behavior. We won’t reward bad behavior.”

Taylor said the decision was unfortunate.

“We’re disappointed by it,” Taylor said. “Henderson’s column was an opinion piece, which is separate from news. We have covered the opening of the arena extensively and fairly in our news coverage, and from a variety of perspectives. We’ll continue to do that, factually and fairly, and to cover Kid Rock and the issues as well.”

The decision to deny the Free Press’ request for press credentials comes hours after a fiery Facebook post by the musician about the “controversy” surrounding his performance.


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