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Judge Napolitano CALLS OUT Activist Judges Fighting Trump’s Travel Ban

President Trump’s common sense travel ban, which restricts immigration into the United States by those from areas of high terrorist activity, has come under fire from the left since day one.

Particularly, Obama-appointed “activist judges,” who have usurped an unbelievable amount of power from our country, and who believe it is their duty alone to decide the fate of America.

These progressive liberal judges don’t care about the safety of Americans, all they’re concerned with is pushing the radical left-wing agenda that has become their “religion.”

Now, Judge Andrew Napolitano is calling them out, and he’s not mincing his words.

“I have never seen this before, where¬†the words of a candidate are used against that same person when he’s now in office,” said Judge Napolitano on a Fox and Friends¬†appearance.

The fact is, Americans overwhelmingly do NOT want more Islamic immigration, and the will of the American people outweighs the feelings of liberal activist judges.

Watch the video: