Joy Reid Declares the Trump Era as the ‘Worst Time to Be a Human’

MSNBC’s Joy Reid declared during an interview with New York magazine that living during the Trump Era is the “worst time to be a human.”


Worse than living under Hitler, Stalin or Mussolini?

Well, of course, it is, because according to liberals, Trump is somehow worse than all three of them combined.

From Free Beacon

“You were obviously doing very well before the 2016 campaign, but that election season and the subsequent elevation of Trump to the presidency have actually been incredible for your career,” Adalian said. “‘AM Joy’ is setting ratings records for MSNBC. You’re reaching twice as many viewers as you did before, probably, and you’re connecting to them on a very deep level. And yet you’re clearly not very happy about where the country has been heading. Is there a mixed-emotion type thing going on for you?”

“I’ve said to people that this is probably the greatest time to be a journalist, and the worst time to be a human,” Reid said. “I think because this election was so unusual, and because I kind of am a stand-in for my viewers—I can be shocked on their behalf—that made people connect with me more.”

Reid noted that she is an “opinion journalist” and therefore does not have to hide her distaste for Trump.

“I’m an opinion journalist, so I don’t have to pretend not to be shocked and appalled. I can actually be shocked and appalled. So it’s kind of played to my strength in a way. My previous job was a bit different,” she said.


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