HA! Unhinged Hillary Admits to YELLING at the TV When Trump is on

During an interview with NPR about her new book “What Happened,” Hillary admitted that she yells at President Trump through her television.

Between this, the extreme drinking, pills and overeating, it’s hard to believe that anyone thought she was capable of being president.

Americans really dodged a bullet by electing President Trump instead of this lunatic, she simply isn’t cut out for the job.

From the Free Beacon 

Hillary Clinton gets so frustrated with President Donald Trump at times that she yells at her television.

Clinton, whose new book What Happenedcomes out Tuesday and delves into her stunning election defeat at Trump’s hands, told NPR that she was prepared to be president and that Trump has been “played” on the world stage.

Asked if she ever watched the news and wondered what she would do in a particular situation, Clinton laughed.

“”No, I do it every single time! Look, I was prepared to be president,” she said. “I had prepared and worked at it, and I go a little bit batty when I hear him say, ‘Gee, this is a really hard job. Who knew health care was so complicated?’ I did. No, I always am responding and reacting. Sometimes I yell at the TV even.”

Clinton, as she has already said, told NPR she would not be a political candidate anymore but would remain active in the Democratic Party.

“I’m done. I’m not running for office,” Clinton said, adding anyone who wanted her to go away would be “disappointed.”

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