Cornell University Declares Phrase ‘Build That Wall’ is ‘HATE SPEECH’

A fraternity at Cornell University was overheard by some liberal students while chanting “build a wall” shortly after President Trump’s decision to end DACA.

These precious snowflakes had their feelings hurt, so Cornell has now deemed the phrase as hate speech and will punish those who use it.

From The Blaze

What happened?

Last Wednesday, one day after Trump’s decision, Latino students heard members of the Zeta Psi fraternity chanting “build the wall,” a reference to Trump’s promise to build a wall on the southern U.S.-Mexico border.

The Cornell Daily Sun reported the student assembly gathered last Thursday to discuss the lack of consequences to the “verbal marginalization,” which one student leader called “hate speech.”

What the assembly is demanding

“It’s disgusting that hate speech like this is not followed up with repercussions,” one student leader said, according to the Daily Sun.

At the meeting, students demanded that the administration work to expand diversity by educating their peers. They also discussed modifying the student code of conduct and expanding the consequences for breaking it.

What the school plans to do

School president Martha Pollack told the students that while it’s still early to make a decisive decision about the “hate speech,” the administration is committed to work on several issues moving forward, including:

  • Holding fraternities responsible for their actions
  • Facilitating better dialogue on campus
  • “Serious investments” in more faculty and counselors of color

The administration also condemned the speech in an email to students. “I am concerned by what is the continued marginalization of many members of the Cornell community,” Pollack wrote. “I strongly condemn behavior that is antithetical to our proud history of inclusion..”


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