BREAKING: Liberals DESTROY Statue Honoring Composer of Star Spangled Banner  

What a sad day in America, when our statues and monuments are being destroyed by unhinged liberals.

Our history, our culture, our memories are being vandalized and erased by politically correct thought-police.

A 104-year-old statue commemorating the man who wrote the Star Spangled Banner was vandalized by lunatic liberals.

Do you think if conservatives were running around vandalizing and destroying public property, the mainstream media would take note?

But of course they won’t report THIS on CNN.

Washington Examiner

A 106-year-old statue honoring Star Spangled Banner writer Francis Scott Key was defaced in Baltimore early Wednesday.

Officials say they received a report that the monument had been vandalized around 6:30 a.m., painted with the words, “Racist Anthem.”

The ground near the monument was also painted with the the third stanza of Key’s anthem which states, “No refuge could save, Hireling or slave From terror of flight, Or gloom of grave,” The Baltimore Sun reported.

Key’s monument is made mostly of marble, with a gold base and a gold statue of the famed anthem written on top. Police say the monument was tagged with black lettering and red paint.

Baltimore has seen a spat of vandalism targeting historical monuments in the past weeks including damage to a statue of Christopher Columbus. It also comes following the city’s overnight removal of four monuments linked to the Confederacy last month.

The statue was dedicated in 1911 to honor Key, an attorney who was being held captive aboard a British ship off Fort McHenry during the War of 1812, when he wrote what would later become America’s national anthem.


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