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Black Trump Supporter SLAMS ESPN’s Jemele Hill Over ‘White Supremacist’ Comment

Lawrence Jones, who has been a vocal supporter of President Trump throughout his presidency, sounded off on ESPN’s Jemele Hill during a recent appearance on Fox News.

Hill, who has decided to use her outreach and platform to spread anti-Trump, racist propaganda, called the president a “white supremacist” recently on social media.

Of course, ESPN washed their hands of the comments, indicating that Hill’s hateful statements were ok by them.

Now, Lawrence Jones is showing the perfect response to people like Jemele Hill, saying she and the rest of the “suddenly political” celebrities that have been popping up lately should “stay in their lane and do what they do best.”

That basically means ‘we don’t care about your political opinions, keep them to yourself and do your job,’ and we couldn’t agree more!

Watch the video: